It all depends on who decides to purchase them from us. We have been producing Fs for distribution across all of Asia already. Additionally, since they also have a DirectInput mode, they will work with classic titles as well. For these situations, the F ships with a receiver extension cable that allows you to move the receiver away from the PC and reduce the chance that other devices will interfere with it. I just preordered the F…any word on when this controller will actually start shipping? Hi Marcus, The gamepad is not designed for, nor has it been tested on, Mac.

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The two receivers will not interfere with each other, nor will they interfere with the G See all photos for details.

Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad – gamepad – wireless

Hi Glenn, The F is not Unifying-compatible, as it requires faster communication with the PC than our standard keyboards and mice. And it also works with any game that has support for DirectInput gamepads, such as most older racing ggamepad sports titles. For assistance in getting the Logitech Gaming Software to install, please contact Support using the link at the top of this page.

Gameoad button can be reassigned to perform the action of any other button. Whats going on at Logitech?

New Logitech Gamepads Bring the Console Gaming Experience to PC Gamers | logi BLOG

In DirectInput mode, the triggers are effectively buttons and do not send analog information to the PC. Say gta4 for instance. We have improved our minijoysticks several times over the course of the life of the Dual Action Gamepad, and the new pads have benefited from these improvements. We want to hear from you and encourage comments, critiques, questions and suggestions.


Hi Teez, If the game supports simultaneous controllers, then yes. Booting with Windows 7 i do have nearly the same.

Could you give me some information of what dealers here I should contact in order to buy it? At this time, we are only able to post and respond to comments written in English. If you download v5.

These are both limitations of the Mac OS, and as a result we do not claim Macintosh compatibility with these products. The F should not exhibit the symptoms you describe.

If I order today, when will the F of get to me? Also, why Rumblepad 2 deadzones are much smaller in DirectInput games?

Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad price in Malaysia & Specs for December, 2018

Any hope of the F or F making with the rumbly when hooked up to my Mac? DirectInput mode is only needed for older games that support DirectInput gamepads only cordlesss the Logitech Gaming Software is only necessary when the game does not support gamepads at all.

Can two Wireless Gamepad F be plugged into the same computer in two different USB slots of course and used for head-to-head 2-player action without conflicting? In DirectInput mode, they should give you basic gamepad functionality in most games corrless plugged into a PS3. You can adjust axis settings on a per-profile basis when the gamepad is in DirectInput mode using the Logitech Gaming Software.


The feature checkbox is incorrect. When we tested F1 the F worked properly both for controlling cars and menus in XInput mode. In XInput mode, the triggers should be fully analog. codless

Logitech WingMan Cordless Rumblepad Price in Malaysia & Specs | Harga | iPrice

Xbox or console in general is 1 reason that gamepqd PC games are dumped down. I recommend contacting a local distributor or retailer to determine when the F will be available in your area.

Can you confirm this? I just bought it and couldnt install it via the mini CD or even from software from the logitech support.

There should not be any download or configuration required. Also is it possible to do it in game without restarting the game? Hi Martin, If you are in the Oogitech, it should be available and shipping out of our warehouse in the next couple of weeks.

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