It just shows your email address so people can know it even if the document is printed on paper but, if the reader clicks on it, s he can easily send you an email. If no value is given, section is taken as default. You can also get an external URL to the hypertarget by appending label to the URL for the file, or right clicking one of the hyperlinks to the target and copying the URL, or getting the link from the headings in the sidebar of the PDF, or through a process of deduction from viewing e. Just load the package in the preamble:. Similar to Dissolve, except the effect sweeps across the screen. Displays the document in two columns, odd-numbered pages to the right.

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The style of box around links; defaults to a box with lines of 1pt thickness, but the colorlinks option resets it to produce no border. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Peter Grill k 25 Color for run links launch annotations. The second line illustrate the how you can change the color with the optional parameter: Therefore if this occurs, you can report the bug and refer to here for a solution. The subscripts and everything else make katex font look very strange when it compiles. It works with pdflatex and also with standard “latex” used with dvips and ghostscript or dvipdfm to build a PDF file.


I think that dvips option is selected by latez in standard latex. Attached tex file and two pdf files compiled by latex and pdflatex. Lqtex you load it, you will have the possibility to include interactive external links and all your internal references will be turned to hyperlinks. The first two parameters RadiusH, RadiusV have no effect in most pdf viewers.

The important point is that although the numbers are not visible, each page will have a unique name. Please note, that explicit RGB specification is only allowed for the border colors like linkbordercolor etc.

This can be useful e. A workaround exists by using the package hypcap [2] with:. Post as a guest Name.

If Acrobat bookmarks are requested, show them with all the subtrees expanded. Sets up hyperref for use with the dviwindo Windows previewer.

Because bookmarks are “just text”, much fewer characters are available for bookmarks than for normal LaTeX text. Here, I simply say dvipdf, mean latex-dvi-ps-pdf using latex dvips ps2pdf. You said latex-dvipdf, so I assumed it’s not the way over ps.


Sets the document information Subject field. Be sure to call this package after loading hyperref. If Acrobat bookmarks are requested, include section numbers. CephBirk 3 The color of the box around normal links.

Fits the height of the page to the window. Preferences Windows or, AcroSearch: Latexx top Fits the width of the page bounding box to the window.

The links created by hyperref point to the label created within the float environment, which, as previously describedmust always be set after the caption.

Colors the text of links and anchors. To create an anchor, use:. If you read this text, you will get no information.

LaTeX/Hyperlinks – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

This url hyoerref won’t break over lines, though; the hypperef package is better for that. Fits the width of the page to the window. If you’re only going to use it once or twice, it may be most simple to just use this directly:

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