I can’t seem to find any info on yr 2×12 cabinet though When are my units and coursework due? Hey y’all, I’ve found an unusual, to me at least amp for sale. A usable tone was nowhere to be found. It featured the same gain and tone controls as the GBX Driver which will be discussed further below.

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In the back of each cabinet was a power amp which was interchangeable with a unit that ranged from 90 to watts and probably some lower wattages.

Their piggy back rigs were all based on the power module being housed in the cabinet with the preamp sitting on the top of the cabinet. Thing is the amp is actually mounted on the back of the cab, not in the control head.

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But anyway, using Google that was the only info I could find. Possibly a bad input for the cab as it doesn’t do anything when honked up as an external speaker to my crate ybx. The head, a small, black and blue unit with a variety of channels for sounds, a single input and an effect input, was either designated for guitar or bass.


Thanks for whatever help you may be able to give.

GBX amps made in Canada

The equipment that takes over when other amps quit. Do you have an effects pedal? Like the other amplifiers it had two inputs, normal and effects, and gain, brilliance, depth. Webarchive template wayback links Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references.

I wouldn’t expect it to work as an extension cab, the “input from driver” input is surely expecting a signal from a preamp.

Anyone know anything about GBX amps?

I love the way the speaker cabinet looks. It looks to me like the power amp section is actually built onto the back of the speaker cabinet How can parents and guardians help? Ahed Music Corporation, Ltd.

These amplifiers used Hammond transformers. Hey y’all, I’ve found an unusual, to me at least amp for sale.

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Log in or Sign up. Aug 21, 6. RobbKenneth Mountain bads Hard Road like this. Ahed Music Corporation, Ltd. As they are in mint collector’s condition.


Since our web site launch on September 27, online site statistics and web rankings indicate there are currently 1, pages and 14, page views using 7. What time is it? But you could also daisy chain cabinets together to exceed the 4 cabinets and still controlled by a single preamp.

A usable tone was nowhere to be found. See “How are you mixing your keyboards? It requires a high end quality cord and not your usual patch cord. Just “GBX by Ahed”.

In all these years since then, I’ve never come across an amp that bad. Guy Beresford did not get involved until Discussion in ‘ Amp Central Station ‘ started by tduAug 20, Because gbbx amps were modular based, you could have up to and including 4 cabinets connected to one preamp.

Though they are now somewhat rare, many of these amplifiers are still in use today

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