I cannot think of anything plausible which would cause muting on your machine. Meanwhile, any ideas on the scratchy audio? Running the mplayer command you provided resulted in a green screen being displayed by mplayer. Hi, In upcoming version 0. Some websites mention that the xawtv output is de-interlaced with DC I hope this helps.

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Here’s a complete kernel dmesg output just now when I tried to insmod the stk11xx. Hi, No, it’s not your fault. But there is some confusion about this and it’s safer to use the lsusb command to be sure of what you’ve got. Anyone got any ideas? With Cheese you can in preferences, and it saves as an ogv file. Hmm, just realised you meant. Are there different versions of the hardware that share sub same 05e1: It would be interesting to see what’s in that file.

Isoc cleanup [ Killed the process – output file length still 0. I tried 2 different devices. So op-128 is not wasycap identification problem. The current version 0. I just got the EasyCap in the mail today and I’m trying to get it to work on my computer; Ubuntu I’m pretty sure its something to do with the hardware on this computer or the fact that its runniing ubuntu server. So, what I mean is, it takes about half a second for a button press to be shown.


So I have now got it installed and got a nice picture on mplayer and VLC but no sound. Using a ring buffer for maximum 13 frames, 7 MB total size. Check module is loaded using lsmod 5.

USB Flash Drives

The feeling I get is that this hardware is different from what the linux Syntek and XP drivers are expecting. I have udb tried the driver at http: Your log file shows that mplayer is actively processing both video and audio, but there does seem to uab something strange about the audio data.

Tried the mencoder line just copied it from your post and pasted in the. It a bit to low. Also could you confirm that you can use s-video in using this method, thanks! Thank You, and Mike Thomas.

third_party/usb_ids/ – chromium/src – Git at Google

I personally have succeeded in getting driver version 0. Thanks for this driver Mike! I’d sure like to get this to work, because indeed running.


I’m seeing quite a few reports of this syndrome lately, but I remain clueless. You haven’t given us much information, but I should imagine that this device produces 4 video streams. Hello, I install ubuntu 9. It is possible to get video from the staging driver by means of a command such as mplayer tv: Even on the usg where it works with usn it does not show up in zoneminder i was using yuyv and x easjcap it just shows a broken image when i try to view it in zoneminder.

If I understand the situation correctly, you are getting satisfactory video and sound when you run. I installed the driver from sourceforge and it works great with the test scripts included – mplayer, ntsc output.

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