The chart is centered on the location of the cursor when the chart is redrawn at the new resolution. For usual changes of plan, ‘at sea’ I just use the Navman buttons but the problem is that one cannot scrutinise the track as carefully as I would like. To use Info mode, select the Info icon and left click on the area of the chart where you want information about ports, tides, obstructions or other information stored on the C-Map card. Select the Info icon on the toolbar at the top of the screen. Download the correct driver for your Card Reader from the links at the top of this page Extract the driver file from the downloaded ZIP file download WinZip if you don’t have an unzipping program Run the Driver installation program eg: Some older models may require data interface boxes which may no longer be available.

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These settings are always remembered whenever the program is exited and started up again. I had been warned that storms had rearranged many features of the passes from the Gulf and, in particular, that the height of the bridge at the Destin Pass was less than the 50 ft.

There is no provision for interfacing the program with radar, depth, speed, wind, or active GPS signals. Nearest Tide Stations Selecting Nearest Tide Stations, the following pop-up window will be opened showing the nearest 10 stations: These are not high resolution images because I obtained them using the Prnt Scrn key to capture what was displayed on my monitor.

You’ll have harbormaster contact information, details on nearby lodging and restaurants, VHF call-in details, photos and more.

User Manual – PC-PLANNER Official WebSite |

What I’d like to do is to use it with Usbvc. The first example is a picture of the screen in Pan mode. To customize the chart display, select the View menu at the top of the screen and then click on Settings.


Or if a newer version of the driver has been installed without the older version completely removed. Using this feature any type of important position fishing spots, dive locations, uncharted hazards, etc.

Select System in Control Panel. The distance is Print Allow printing the list of user points.

So, I read the cruising guide while looking at the appropriate charts to identify anchorages, marinas, noting sandbars to avoid, etc. Info C-MAP charts contain a lot of additional information that is not displayed on the screen, such as warning notes, Port and Tide information, and names of navigational aids.

User Manual – PC-PLANNER Official WebSite

As soon as you do either of these operations, a Route Name window will appear, and you will be prompted to give the route a name before it is saved. Finally, connect the supplied power supply adaptor lead into the small jack-plug socket on the rear of the C-CARD reader.

The Range value is displayed in following the Units setting, and the Bearing value is displayed in True North. D There are c-amp five icons in the center between the two main windows, as shown below: I too have a USBCC reader and a Navman plotter and have found it a strange ushcc unhelpul animal, which had to be reinstalled from scratch if I unplugged it from the laptop.

To make the second picture, C-mp zoomed out note 99 NM scale and used the A-B function to estimate the distance between the Destin pass and the pass at Panama City.

Left click zooms in more detailed chart ; and right click zooms out.


Hayden and Tomahawk Islands. Selects the floppy disk driver. Pan mode is used to move around in the charts. UserCard support will be included in the next SOB version. D The functions available that f-map be applied to any of the User points above by simply highlighting any of the fields for the desired User point are: A dialog box will appear on screen.

Once you’ve worked out how usbc read the data, you could read it from the cartridge and write your own device driver to use that when spoofing a real USBCC. These must be completely removed before attempting to correctly install the latest Card Reader driver. I believe that the likes of SOB are using a C-Map provided library – they certainly don’t have enough details to write something for a non-PC architecture having chatted with them about mac support.

At the planning stage, with a PC display, I can see things as clearly usncc on a paper chart and make notes, and allowances.

What cartography should be used with a Pathfinder Series Display

Select type of offense: Also, as an aid to planning, I used the A-B function to measure distances from pass-to-pass. The progress bar on the top of the file manager window will give you the feedback on the data transfer.

Tip This can also be accomplished by pressing and holding the control Ctrl key on the keyboard and left clicking on the chart object you wish to see information on regardless the function active at that time.

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