If you operate a radio that has been approved exclusively under the FRS rules, you are not required to have a license. There are many products sold in the US that can be misused in a way that breaks a law, rule, or regulation. Easy to use improperly Mentioned in the Amazon review , but worth reiterating: In an attempt to be a model citizen, I did a bit of reading on the Personal Radio Services before programming the radios, but I found the FCC regulations difficult to navigate. But otherwise, there’s no extra features to drain the battery, not even a status display, meaning more battery life dedicated to the radio components themselves. That changes the game about who you hand a radio to.

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If you’re consistently seeing “radio refused to enter programming mode” errors from CHIRP there’s a good chance your cable has a counterfeit Prolific chip. That changes the 888e about who you hand a radio to.

LG DNXUH with Vaddis chipset, anyone know of a supplier? – VideoHelp Forum

If you’ve got a license for business use in the MHz spectrum, there’s all sorts of uses for these. If you’ve got the patience to program legal FRS frequencies and transmission power, be careful.

This just happens to be one of those items. Just remember, channel will work VHF only and will work UHF and it makes channel 16 become a scan so when on channel 16 it will scan all the channels.

In short, a small hand-held FM transceiver that operates in the MHz range, programmable for 16 channels, etc. Rugged construction For the low cost, it’s a suprisingly dense hunk of molded plastic.


The Linux-based LiveCD still works. Sketchy-looking outer packaging aside, each unit comes boxed with battery, instructions, charger, SMA antenna, charging station, wrist strap, and cheap in-ear headset. The dual-service radios mentioned are everywhere and sold to consumers across the United States.

I’m not an expert in the field, but I can say the flexibility of programmable radios could be a potential source of trouble for the consumer and a factor to consider when evaluating new gear. The back plate of the Baofeng BFS includes the following details:. Later revisions of the radio aren’t as tolerant of the commonly-counterfeit Prolific chips found in the USB-serial cables. Once you’re done, you’ll want to verify operation of every channel with a scanner. The review is frombut it includes just about everything you’d want to know.

Unboxing When you buy half a dozen, it’s like someone shipped you half a dozen bricks. Note that some dual-service radios transmit with higher power on FRS channels 1 through 7; these radios can be used without a license only on FRS channels 8 through Given enough drops, the battery tabs can snap off.

The Good News There’s a lot to like about these radios. The BFS is capable of transmitting at higher power watts, depending whether you believe the back plate or the CMIIT registry and has a detachable antenna.

Not Part 95 FRS. They now permit transmitting up to 2 watts on what used to be FRS channels and also channelsalthough it’s still good practice to transmit on low power whenever possible to reduce your impact on other users. Easy to use improperly Mentioned in the Amazon review chopset, but worth cbipset The exceptionally economical Chinese market miracle of the Baofeng BF is a great bargain for 2 meters, but with the following modification puts this HT into the unbelievable category of a three band HT needing only proper resonant antenna consideration to accommodate this broad band modification.


If you’d prefer to skip the programming and have walkie talkies that work out of the box, Baofeng isn’t for you. They’ve survived months of abuse at the hands of small children and teenagers alike, and I once dropped one of these handsets 20 feet onto a cured concrete floor.

Six radios, six reboots.

Baofeng BFS – A Practical Review

By comparison, I managed to break a belt clip on a friend’s Motorola Talkabout after a few days light usage. Baofeng provides programming software for Windows, which I didn’t care to deal with. For the low cost, it’s a suprisingly dense hunk of molded plastic.

Short a few scuffs, it’s like nothing happened. A little shady, perhaps.

Baofeng BF-888S – A Practical Review

Stick to the Motorola Talkabout series, just don’t claim ignorance of FCC regulations if you happen to broadcast on high power on FRS channels 1 through 7. The only structural damage I’ve seen on any of the radios has been a small chip on the side of the case ; eventually another drop resulted in a broken chunk near the battery compartment, at which point the battery latch doesn’t want to stay engaged since the piece that would hold the latch in place is gone.

Once programmed identically, there’s no settings for the user to mess with beyond the channel selection.

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