The picture is nearly as good as on Windows now. USB ID listing is available here – http: I looks like the sensor is seeing to much light. I would be willing to work with the developers to get my picture fixed. Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on

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We also don’t have drivers for 2.

Linux USB Video Devices

Add tags Tag help. I looks like the sensor is seeing to much light.

Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. Is it still reproducible using a supported Ubuntu release, as Hardy, Jaunty or Karmic? I know I’m being negative, but I’m also being realistic. The USB Forum generally issues sub.

Trying to find drivers for my webcam

There are better camera’s out there that do run on 2. I also think that we’re unlikely to get a USB2 device working nicely in an embedded environment like ours, we don’t really have enough oomph.


I would be willing to work with the developers to get jsb picture fixed. Tom The original reporter say this bug is fixed for his webcam. The picture is too grey, not enough colours. I tried to find the gspca devel mailinglist, but that project seems kinda inaccessable. You need to log in to change this bug’s status.

I couldn’t get it to work on Camorama or Cheese. Is this symptom still reproducible in 8. When I plug my Microdia 0c I have a similar problem with bad picture for the sonixj ID 0c In the embedded arena its usually USB1. The picture uxb nearly as good as on Windows now. It’s been a long time since you confirm this bug.

Weird picture with Microdia 0c Works fine on Ubuntu 9. Its a waste of time to do it, especially when there are already SoC’s out there that are similarly priced and do it already. Daniel T Chen crimsun wrote on It worked on Gutsy as well. Check your filtered caps, if any]”.


Bug attachments Blueish highly saturated picture taken with camorama. No, using the 8.

Bug # “Weird picture with Microdia 0c webcam” : Bugs : gspca package : Ubuntu

Re-organized the forum to more cleanly delineate the development section, as the end user support side appears to have taken a life of its own! You are not directly subscribed uwb this bug’s notifications.

Email me about changes to this bug report. Ours uses a VGA uwb sensor. Pierre Buyle mongolito wrote on Karl Ostmo kostmo wrote on Once the webcam is plugged, dmesg returns the following line: I have a laptop Microdia webcam 0c45 62c0 that works perfectly with Cheese 2.

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